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About is a free and secure service that allows you to pay many, but not all, United States Government agencies. These include U.S. Courts, National Parks, Veterans Affairs, Small Business Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, and many others.

Anyone, anywhere, any time, individuals and businesses, can use is available online 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, every day of the year including holidays.

  • only accepts payments on behalf of agencies.
  • Payments are sent to your bank or credit card issuer for processing.
  • sends information to the agency paid so your payment can be credited to you.
  • can provide information about the payment you made but cannot provide information about why a payment was rejected or delayed.

  • Make one-time payments to an agency.
  • Pay bills that don't require sign in to an account.
  • Make donations, such as for disaster relief.
  • Create a account.

  • Make payments, whether or not they require sign in.
  • Pay bills requiring sign in to an account.
  • Schedule a series of automatic recurring payments (autopay), if the agency paid allows.
  • Choose the date when a payment is made, if the agency paid allows.
  • Track payment history and status.
  • Store information that can be entered automatically when you make a payment.

The agency paid determines the types of payments you can make and the payment account types you can use. Some payments can only be made from a bank account or debit card.
A payment's Before You Begin page lists what's allowed and accepted.

In general, payment types accepted are:

  • Credit Cards — Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, some Discover-branded, Union Pay, JBC
  • Personal and Business Bank Accounts — savings, checking, general ledger
  • Digital Wallet — Amazon, PayPal
  • ACH Credit — businesses only, if approved

You Can Pay

  • US Government agencies accepting payments on (not all do)
  • Fines and traffic ticket issued on US Government property, such as Federal Buildings or National Parks
  • Some US Court fees and fines
  • Federal license and permit fees
  • Veterans Affairs out-of-pocket medical payments
  • Small Business Administration and other loan repayments
  • Some attendance fees for agency learning events
  • Donations to some programs, such as disaster relief

You Cannot Pay

  • Your Federal Income Tax (go to the IRS EFTPS website
  • Student Loan Repayments
  • Medicare
  • Citizenship and Immigration Services — visit the USCIS website or call 1-800-376-5283
  • Any US Government agency not on
  • Cities, counties, and States
  • Public or private businesses
  • Charities uses the latest industry-standard methods and encryption to safely collect, store, transmit, and protect all information you submit. Your bank and card account numbers are encrypted on, and are masked with asterisks (*) when displayed.

Unless confirming a payment or if solicited, never contact you.