1201 Borrower Payments

Description: Borrowers use this form to pay your SBA serviced loan payments, including Economic Injury Disaster loans (EIDL) and other non-COVID Disaster loans. The 10-digit SBA loan number and payment amount are required to complete this form. DO NOT use this form to pay Payroll Protection Program loans or EIDL Advances/Grants. For more information see below.
Form Number: 1201

1544 Lender Fee Payments

Description: Lenders use this form to pay your SBA Loan Guarantee Fees, Care and Preservation of Collateral (CPC) Fees, Review Fees and/or Repair Fees.
Form Number: 1544

Certified Development Company (CDC)/504 Loan Payments

Description: Certified Development Companies (CDC) use this form to pay for SBA 504 Loan Payments on Repurchased Debentures, OICs, PLCP Loss Reimbursements, Notes Receivables or Rent.
Form Number: SBA 504

SBA Administrative Payments from Employees

Description: Employees use this form to pay for Small Business Administration Administrative Payments.
Form Number: SBAADMIN

SBA Form 1106 - SBG Surety Bond Guarantee

Description: Contractors use this form to pay SBA PSB and SBG Bond Guarantee fees and payments.
Form Number: SBA Form 1106

SBA Form 172 - SBA Transaction Report on Loan Serviced by Lender

Description: Lenders use this form to enter information related to SBA form 172 Transaction Report on Loan Serviced by Lender.
Form Number: 172
OMB Number: 3245-0131


Description: Use this form to pay SBIC Fees
Form Number: SBIC

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