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Use this form to request permission as a Non Attorney Admission to Practice before the Court.

If you are employed by a veterans service organization, a statement from the chief executive officer of that organization certifying your proficiency to represent appellants before the Court and your understanding of the procedures and jurisdiction of the Court, and of the nature, scope, and standards of its judicial review must be included with your admission application and motion for admission by a member of the bar of this Court. See Rule 46(a)(2)(B) and Form 46B page 3.

If you are applying for admission under Rule 46(a)(2)(A), where your practice before the Court will be under the direct supervision of an attorney admitted to the bar of the Court, a motion from the supervising attorney must be included with your admission application. See Form 46B page 3. Note that under Rule 46(a)(2)(A), the supervising attorney must be present at any oral argument and that, in accordance with Rule 33, the representative at Court directed staff conferences must either possess the authority to enter into a joint resolution or settlement or be in immediate contact with a person having such authority.

To access the "Motion of Supervising Attorney" or the Certification of Chief Executive Officer" form: 1. Select ".pdf Preview" button 2. Print page 3 of the .pdf 4. Upon completion by a member of the Courts Bar or the Chief Executive Officer, scan and upload the form to your application.

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