Creating Your Own Account

Instructions if you were notified an agency created an account for you.

Tip: If you already have an account you should not create another one, unless you need to have separate accounts for different bills or payments.

If you have forgotten your username for an existing account, click here.

  1. Decide on your username and password

  2. Click on the Create an account link at the top right of the home page

  3. Chose to create a personal account or a business account.

    Tip: Fill in all fields marked with and asterisk (*).

  4. Type in a username at least 12 characters long. Follow the instructions for including numbers and special characters.

    If the username is already being used, will ask you to create a different one.

  5. Type in the email address you want notifications and receipts sent to. Remember this email address. You will need it if you forget your username or password.

  6. Create and confirm your password.

  7. Select or create a secret question and answer. This will let you identify yourself if you have forgotten your password and need to create a new one.

  8. Select or create a shared challenge question.

  9. Read the Rules of Behavior near the bottom of the page.

  10. Check the box next to "I agree to the Rules of Behavior. An account will not be created if you do not agree.

    Rules of Behavior
  11. Click the Create Account (Register) button.

  12. The Sign In page opens.

  13. Sign In to