Creating an Account

Tip: Do not create a new account if:

An agency created an account for you.

You forgot your password.

You forgot your username or don't know if you have an account. recomments creating only one account to be used for all your payments and bills.

Creating an account does not make your payment. Payments are made separately.

  1. Click Create an account at the top right of the home page.

  2. Select an account type: Personal or Company.

  3. Enter your name and email address.

    You MUST check the box showing you read and agree to the Rules of Behavior.

    You are warned if an account with your email already exists.

  4. Click Activate Account.

  5. sends an email. Click the link in the email.

  6. Enter your contact information.

  7. Click Next Step.

  8. Company Accounts Only: Enter your company information and then click Next Step.

  9. Enter your security information.

    Username you choose (at least 6 characters long).

    Password (follow the character requirements on the page).

    Select your Secret and Shared Questions and Answers. Used if you need help with your username or password.

  10. Click Create My Account.

  11. Sign in to