Frequently Asked Questions

What is a account?

Your account is your personal space on Use it to manage payments and to store any information you want to reuse for payments. Your My Account page shows payments you made, completed and saved agency forms, bills and private payments.

Do I have to create an account to use

No. You can make most payments without having an account, but there are exceptions.See Should I Create an Account?.

How do I find out if I already have an account?

You must know the email address used the when the account was created.

  1. Click Log in at the upper right of the home page.

  2. Click Forgot your Username?

  3. Type in the email address used when the account was created.

  4. Click the Submit button.

  5. You will receive an email listing your username(s).

Can I create an account after I started a payment?

Yes. But any payments completed before you signed in to your account will not be included in your My Payments list.

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, but in most cases you should only have one account for all your payments and bills. The exceptions are:

I was notified that an agency created an account for me, what do I do?

See An Agency Created Your Account.

Can I use the account an agency created for me for other payments?

Yes. However, if a different agency creates an account for you, you must use that account for those payments.

Where is my account information?

Look in My Account, Profile Information.

Can I change account information, such as my address?

Yes. Look in My Account, Profile Information.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. Look in My Account, Profile Information.


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