Viewing Your Payment Activity

All payments made while you were signed in are include in the Payment Activity section of your My Account page.

  1. Sign In.

  2. Your My Account page opens.

  3. Click the View Payment Activity button.

  4. The page has four tabs:

    The page has four tabs:
    • All — lists all your payment activity, including automatic recurring and private payments.

    • Completed — lists only payments that have been successfully charged to your bank or credit card account and any payments you've cancelled.

    • Rejected — lists payments made on but that have not been accepted for payment by your bank or credit card company.

    • Pending — lists payments you've completed on but that have not yet been sent to your bank or credit card company for processing and settlement. An example is a payment made today before the payment cutoff time.

  5. Each payment listed, under any tab, has three links to the right.

    • View details — Click to see the details for any listed payment:

      • Tracking ID

      • Payment Method

      • Frequency of Payments

      • Total Payments Scheduled

      • Schedule Payments Remaining

      • Payment Name

      • Transaction Date

      • Date of Next Payment

      • Amount of the Next Payment

    • View Receipt — Click to view the receipt (confirmation) for any completed or rejected payment. Click the Print Receipt link to print a copy.

    • Cancel — Click to cancel a payment in the Pending list. You cannot cancel payments in any of the other lists.