Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the SBA?

Call the SBA Loan Servicing Office listed on your 1201 notice. They can help you with does not have this information.

An ACH Debit Block prevents me from using my business bank account to make payments. How do I correct that?

Automatic debits to your business account may be blocked by the bank. This security feature is called an ACH Debit Block, ACH Positive Pay, or ACH Fraud Prevention Filters.

ACH Debit Block works by having an allowed list of ACH company IDs. The list enables allowable automatic debits.

If the ACH company ID accompanying a request for an automatic debit is not on the allowed list, the payment is rejected. It is returned with and ACH Return Reason Code of R29 -- Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized.

You must contact your bank to add the US Government agency you need to pay to the list. Contact Customer Support for the receiving federal agency's ALC+2 value that you must provide your bank.


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