Private Agency Payments

Agencies limit access to some payments.

These private payments are not available without logging in and cannot be found using Search or FIND AN AGENCY.

If you are required to make a private payment, the agency creates an account and username for you, and you will be notified. This private account is separate from any other account you may have.

Click here to see instructions for setting up your access to your private agency account.

To make your first private payment

  1. Sign In.

    Use the username created by the agency and the password you created.

  2. Your My Account page opens.

  3. Click the View My Forms button.

  4. Your My Forms page will have a Private tab.

    Your My Forms page will have an extra Private tab.
  5. Click the Private tab.

  6. Find the correct form in the list.

  7. Click the Continue to the Form button.

  8. Complete the form and payment.

    See instructions for making a payment.

TIP: You can save a private agency form and duplicate it to make additional payments to the agency in the future.