Making a Typical Payment

You do not need an access code to make most payments. Access codes are only used for certain agency bill payments, and you will receive a bill notice that includes the access code if one is needed.

Many payments need to be made just once or infrequently. For example: paying a Federal parking ticket or purchasing admission to a National Park. The steps for making any payment are similar.

Tip: See the topics in the Contents for instructions on specific payments such as VA Medical, SBA and Bills.

  1. Sign In if you have an account.

    Most payments can be made without signing in. But signing in to an account lets you keep track of your payments online. See Should I Create an Account? and My Account for more information.

  2. Choose the correct agency form. DO NOT choose a form at random. The agency being paid will not credit you if you use the wrong form. Always read the form's description to make sure it is the right one. See Choosing an Agency Form for more information.

  3. Prepare your payment information.

  4. Complete the Agency Form.

  5. Enter Your Payment Information.

  6. Review, Authorize and Submit Your Payment.

  7. Save or Print Your Confirmation.