! Do not use your Web browser's back or forward buttons when completing a form or making a payment. All information on the form will be lost.

Home Page Links

Home Page Links

  1. Click the logo on any page to return to the home page (except in Online Help).

  2. Click Sign In at the top right of a page to access yuour account.

  3. Click Create an Account at the top right of a page to create a new account.

  4. Click Explore More Optionsin the heading bar to see an expanded list of common payments

  5. Click Find an Agency in the heading bar to see a list of all agencies and their available forms (not all agencies have forms on

  6. Click Online Help in the heading bar for more information on making payments and using

  7. In the search box at the top of a page type in full words ansd then click the Search button.

    • an agency name

    • a form title

    • a keyword describing what you are looking for, such as national parks, loan, application.

    • you can also search by the OMB number for many, but not all, forms.

  8. The most common payments are shown in the Many people visit our site to ... section. To start one of the most common payments, click its Pay it right here link.

  9. The most common payment categories are in the What would you like to do? section. Click a link under a category to search for and see the payments in that category.