Frequently Asked Questions

What is an agency form?

An agency form is a Web page where you fill in information needed by the agency to identify what is being paid. The form is different from the Payment Page which, like the checkout page for an online purchase, is used to collect information about the account you're using to pay.

Can I use any agency form to make a payment?

No. You must use the agency form specifically created for the payment. Different payments require different information. Also, agencies accept payments for multiple services and use different forms for each one.

If you do not use the correct form, the agency will not see that you made the payment.

How do I find an agency or agency form?

You can either Search for the agency or form, or look it up in a list using the FIND AN AGENCY link.

I can't find the form I need, what should I do?

If you cannot find the form needed, contact the agency you need to pay.

If an account was created for you by an agency for a private payment:

  1. Sign in to the account the agency created for you.

  2. Your My Account page opens.

  3. Click the View My Forms button.

  4. Click the Private tab.

  5. Select the form.

  6. If there is no Private tab or if the form is not listed, contact the agency for instructions.

I need to make several payments, do I need to fill out an agency form for each one?

Yes. Agencies require a separate form for each payment, unless you are creating recurring automatic payments.

Can I save an agency form and use it to make a payment later?

Yes, but you must have a account and be signed in first.

Click here for instructions.

How can I view my submitted or saved forms?

Only forms any payments completed when you were signed in can be viewed.

Click here for instructions.

How long are my submitted or saved forms available for viewing?

Only your last 100 submitted forms will be listed in the My Forms, Submitted tab.

Saved forms are available indefinitely, until you delete them.


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