Adding a Credit or Debit Card

! Adding, changing or deleting a credit or debit card account does not automatically change the account used for automatic recurring payments.

To change the account used, first cancel the automatic recurring payment, and then create a new automatic payment using the new credit or debit card account.


For a credit or debit card you need:

Credit and debit cards accepted by

Add the Account

  1. Sign in.

  2. Your My Account Page opens.

  3. Click the View Payment Accounts button.

    View Payment Activity
  4. Click the Add Credit Card button at the bottom of the accounts list.

    Add Credit Card Button
  5. Type in the address where the card's monthly bills are sent. This must match the address your card issuer has on file.

  6. Select the card type from the list.

  7. Type in the card (account) number.

  8. Select the card's expiration date.

  9. Click the Add Account to Profile button.

  10. A message above the list confirms the account was added.

  11. You will receive an email notifying you that a change was made to your Payment Accounts.