Adding a Bank Account

! Adding, changing or deleting a bank account does not automatically change the account used for automatic recurring payments.

To change the account used, first cancel the automatic recurring payment, and then create a new automatic payment using the new bank account.


Have your account information handy. For a bank account you need the bank's Routing Transit Number (RTN) and your savings or checking account number.

Add the Account

  1. Sign in.

  2. Your My Account Page opens.

  3. Click the View Payment Accounts button.

    View Payment Activity
  4. Click the Add Bank Account button at the bottom of the bank accounts list.

    Payment Accounts Add Bank Account
  5. Select the account type from the list.

  6. Type in your bank's Routing Transit Number (RTN).

    Tip: Make sure the RTN is correct If not correct, payments made with your bank account will not be processed.

  7. Type in your account number.

  8. Type in the account number again to confirm it.

  9. Click the Add Account to Profile button.

  10. A message above the list confirms the account was added.

  11. You will receive an email notifying you that a change was made to your Payment Accounts.

See also Canceling a Payment, Canceling an Automatic Recurring Payment, and Scheduling an Automatic Recurring Payment.